Advanced payment processing, powered by freedom.

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Payments technology engineered to cancel ‘cancel culture’
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AlignPay specializes in credit, debit, ACH, encryption, recurring donations, mobile payments, and reporting.

Robust Functionality

AlignPay delivers market-leading APIs, security, integration tools, customer service, and compliance support.

Built for Freedom

AlignPay supports freedom with safe, private, and secure processing tools.

‘Cancel Culture’ Free

Our Free Speech Principles preserve and strengthen the rights of all users to interact freely within the law. Period.

Solutions For Every Industry

Proudly serving America’s economy!


The world has gone digital, and so have you. We specialize in helping e-commerce stores scale like never before.

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Your cause is too important to risk being canceled by the mob.  Let us help protect the causes you care about most.

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Don't let big tech cancel your ability to raise money.  Whether you're a candidate or PAC, we're here to help.

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B2B and B2G

If you sell to other businesses or the government, we have the tools to increase profitability and help you succeed.

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Trades & Home Services

Whether you do home remodels, landscaping or anything else in home services, we make choosing you easy.

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Professional Billing

We know you're busy, that's why we focus on payment processing so you can focus on serving others.

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Retail, Restaurant & Medical Office

Whether you’re a storefront, world-class restaurant, or medical office, AlignPay has you covered.

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High Risk

We've got the relationships to support you even when other payment processors won't.

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